Sunday, February 3, 2013

Valentine's Day needs some Yellow in it!

I have started on doing some crafts for Valentines Day. I have never really been a huge fan of the holiday probably because I have only had one Valentine, which I enjoyed and liked, which was last year when Dave and I were dating. The other memories I have are awkward dates with guys and random flowers in homeroom class from people I had no idea who where. Then every year I am the mean heart breaker with the barrier of bad news that no just because you took me out or sent me a flower doesn't mean I like you, and I don't know you so no I am not going to date you. I know harsh. But in all honesty I was doing them a favor because if one of my older brothers were to found them it would have been A LOT worse then a broken heart.

Any ways, Valentines Day is full of colors red and pink. Which are great don't get my wrong. I like the colors they go together . . . etc. But with a "happy" holiday like everyone says it is, shouldn't their be some sunshine? In my life if you brought me a rose it would be nice and they are very beautiful but bring me a Sunflower (or a Daisy) I am happiest girl in the world! Big Bright Beautiful Fun and Playful! That is what yellow does for me. So I have been getting ready my card and gift for Dave I am trying some new things out. Let me know if you like my idea with Valentine's Day needs some Yellow in it!

Here is the start of the card I am making for Dave, I will post more picture and more crafts I am doing latter but here is my start. :)

I made the flowers with felt and sewed them together with black thread. Then I attached them to the paper with the black thread and strung the bead on. 

For one my gifts (not really in the yellow theme, sorry) I am trying to scrapbook our honeymoon which was in Mexico! I have been trying to think of a way to scrapbook the money we got their in a unique way. So I decided to use them as a page number. So every page has a coin and then I am still working on what to do with the bills.  Check it out let me know what you think.

And also Dave has been "banned" from the blog until Valentines Days. ; )


  1. Love your scrapbook! I agree, yellow is the happiest color. :)

  2. Love Yellow!!!! I am putting to together a yellow bumble bee nursery for my grandbabies, I will send you a picture when it's done. No pink or blue, (not that their bad) just cheerful yellow with some black. Smiles

  3. Im digging the Cherish love one. Did you sew the words?
    I have a scrapbook just like that that we got in Pismo and haven't done anything with it. I think I've been inspired....
    Now I just have to find some time somewhere....