Sunday, May 12, 2013

Letter writing to Grandmas :)

Pillow Fun!

One of my best friends Cambria is getting married and for her wedding gift I made this decorative pillow.
Really simple, fun, and cute.

Sewing Day!

So I had a craft night with my niece Olivia who has a natural talent and eye for crafts. It is amazing to me how crafty she is! I made a skirt earlier that day before I picked her up and she wanted one so I took her fabric shopping and then taught her how to sew! It was a lot of fun and Olivia just LOVED it!
We first scrap booked:

The papers were two different sizes so she found a way to fix i fast.

 And then made pizza together!

And then started the search for the perfect skirt! She had a lot of fun at the fabric store.

I just made up the pattern in my head, measured her waist and her hips,added an inch on her waist and 2 inch on her hips, and then gradually made it a little bigger on the bottom.

Olivia was SO excited to start.

Her eyes beaming with excitement! 

I wish you didn't see me in this picture... first off I look awful, and second I look scared or nervous (which I wasn't at all she was very good at sewing)

 At last the final project!!

This was my skirt.

 And of course we had to model them afterwards for Uncle Dave :) Olivia choose all of the poses. 

One happy girl!

Monday, February 25, 2013

Captain America

Every time I see German he is a different super hero. He is so awesome.
He has the moves don't mess with him.
 And then Ella just loved to hold and watch Richard.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Valentines Day and Ella's Birthday Friday

Dave and I both had crazy days of work and school on Valentines Day but it was still an awesome day. 

We both came home and open presents and Dave totally out shined me by buying my Taylor Swift concert tickets!!! I AM SO EXCITED! June 1 in Salt Lake City - cant wait. Best Husband Ever. He is so sweet!!

Ella had her 4th birthday on Saturday! So Friday we had a day full of adventures! First, we had to curl her hair and get her awesome outfit ready.

I took her to Micheal's and said she could pick out one craft to do and she picked a Strawberry Short Cake coloring book... So we colored :)

Then we took her to Cabella's to look at all the animals! She was scared a little at first but then we couldn't pull her away from them when it was time to go.

Dave and Ella together, she is such a silly girl I couldn't her just to smile.

And then she saw the bears and got excited and said "HEY, Brave Bears!" And of course had to take a picture!

The Polar bear and the Zebra were her favorite!

SUCH A SILLY CUTE GIRL! She thought it was SO funny that you could ride a bear. And she sat down in that chair and was just making us all laugh <3

And of course we had to play a shooting game we were at Cabella's.

We then took her to a black light mini golf!! Were she glowed SO MUCH with her shirt and pants but in the pictures you cant really tell. Ella was AMAZING she could hit the ball in the hole with two hits!

She loved the castle and the surf theme :)

Happy 4th Birthday Ella! You are such a blast! It was one of the best Fridays ever! I wish I lived closer to all of my nieces and nephews so I could play a fun day with them on their birthdays! Hopefully one day! :)
Miss you all! XOXO

Friday, February 8, 2013

Valentines Day Cards!

With Valentines Day being less then a week away I started on making cards, of course with yellow. ;)

 This Card is my favorite! Being an Interior Design major I have tons of paint samples so I decide to make a card with them! Here is the beginning:

and the middle of the card:

And the final Paint Card!!

I have a few pages in the middle to add quotes and pictures :)

Cherish Love Card:

The flowers are from ribbon, you can't really see them all the way with the picture sorry.

I wanted to do something a little different and more modern so I have had this nylon material from a design project I did last summer. The word love on the card looks like lover, my sketch of a key didn't really turn out, so I am going to have to change it. 

And finally I started this card awhile ago and I posted about it last week and here is the finish:

Well that is all :) if you have any suggestions on what to do better or what you don't like feel free to comment.