Sunday, May 12, 2013

Sewing Day!

So I had a craft night with my niece Olivia who has a natural talent and eye for crafts. It is amazing to me how crafty she is! I made a skirt earlier that day before I picked her up and she wanted one so I took her fabric shopping and then taught her how to sew! It was a lot of fun and Olivia just LOVED it!
We first scrap booked:

The papers were two different sizes so she found a way to fix i fast.

 And then made pizza together!

And then started the search for the perfect skirt! She had a lot of fun at the fabric store.

I just made up the pattern in my head, measured her waist and her hips,added an inch on her waist and 2 inch on her hips, and then gradually made it a little bigger on the bottom.

Olivia was SO excited to start.

Her eyes beaming with excitement! 

I wish you didn't see me in this picture... first off I look awful, and second I look scared or nervous (which I wasn't at all she was very good at sewing)

 At last the final project!!

This was my skirt.

 And of course we had to model them afterwards for Uncle Dave :) Olivia choose all of the poses. 

One happy girl!

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  1. Such an amazing, wonderful day for Olivia. You have to be the best "auntie" there ever was. Nana loves this!!!