Friday, February 8, 2013

Valentines Day Cards!

With Valentines Day being less then a week away I started on making cards, of course with yellow. ;)

 This Card is my favorite! Being an Interior Design major I have tons of paint samples so I decide to make a card with them! Here is the beginning:

and the middle of the card:

And the final Paint Card!!

I have a few pages in the middle to add quotes and pictures :)

Cherish Love Card:

The flowers are from ribbon, you can't really see them all the way with the picture sorry.

I wanted to do something a little different and more modern so I have had this nylon material from a design project I did last summer. The word love on the card looks like lover, my sketch of a key didn't really turn out, so I am going to have to change it. 

And finally I started this card awhile ago and I posted about it last week and here is the finish:

Well that is all :) if you have any suggestions on what to do better or what you don't like feel free to comment. 

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