Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Fun Fridays

Fridays are the best part of my week. I get to babysit my niece Ella! This last Friday her sister Olivia was sick so she was able to stay home with Ella and I so we had extra the amount of fun! Well . . . not at first. Olivia was really sick until about noon when I suggested we should make crafts. Olivia perked right up and said "YES! I'll go grab the box!!" First we made puppets so they could put on a puppet show.

It took them awhile to draw the setting for the show so they could talk about it here is one of their shows. :)

We also made snowflakes for their rooms! These girls love the snow! So I bought some marshmallows and we tied a string around them so they could have "warm falling snow" to play with in the house because we are not fans of staying out in the cold. We are still all California girls ;) We put them up in their room and they had tons of fun running around "in" them .

And then every Friday Ella and I have a tradition for having a dance party!! Olivia was not sure how to react to with all the dancing tells me "The only dancing I do is the Robot" 
 Here are two clips, they were suppose to be together but I messed it up - oops!

So glad Olivia started to feel better and was able to have some fun with us! 


  1. O... my.. gosh! So Cute!! "The only dance I do is the robot..." hehehehehehehe. I have tears in my eyes. They are so so adorable! They're mom must be pretty awesome.

  2. Your snow marshmallows were awesome! I'll definitely use that next year, perfect for a Texas winter. Yellow for Valentines Day seems brilliant! Crafty pants cuz :)